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Thanks for visiting my DubTurbo Review. Here you will find out all you need to know about DubTurbo and why do I consider this is the best way to start making beats on the internet. Don’t forget – when you’re ready to purchase, go ahead and use the dubturbo coupon code that will get you 25% OFF the regular dubturbo price.

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DubTurbo Review

As you may already know, when you’ve made a search to find a beat maker software, you must have probably realized how difficult it’s to find a really good one. This is the case with most things on the Internet. From the numerous options that you have, only less than a handful can promise good quality and bang for your buck. Similarly, there are lots of programs online that may enable you to make beats online. These software may help you to make beats. But, the problem with most of these is either they’re overpriced or you have to spend a life time learning how to use them.

So, What About DubTurbo? Does It Really Work?

After trying DubTurbo myself I can tell you that it’s one of the best beat making software on the market today. DUBturbo is a very user friendly beat making software for anyone looking to make beats which they can then sing or rap over. It’s ideal for beginners to more seasoned producers looking for a quick and simplistic way to make beats at home without needing a studio, equipment, or anything beyond your computer (a microphone is required if you want to add vocals).

How Does DubTurbo Work?

Basically how it works is you pick your tempo using the metronome, pick your drum kit (they provide over 50), then start playing along with the metronome using your keyboard. Each key represents a different drum in the kit. If you make a mistake whether it be hitting the wrong key or playing off the rhythm, it’s simple to go into the editor and move that beat to where and what it should be using your mouse.

Then you add whatever other sounds you want on top of the drums and they provide you with a ton of keyboard sounds and you can download and plug in other virtual instruments easily, as well. Once you buy the program they offer free updates which means new drum and keyboard sounds for life. You just keep layering on new or existing tracks until you get the sound you want. From there you can add vocals but you have to provide your own mic.

Here Is An Overview Of The Entire Process:

How DubTurbo Works


Here’s an Overview of Some of The Main Features of DUBturbo:

  • 16 Track sequencer allows for unlimited combinations of drum, key, and mic tracks.
  • Easy to use pencil tool and others allow for FAST production & mastering.
  • Simple navigation through all editors and intuitive interface for the noob and pro alike.
  • Tons of templates to start new projects QUICK, change up drums, instruments, & go.
  • Four octave keyboard tuned and scaled to perfection
  • Full mixer with mute/solo per track and panning/volume per track
  • Smart Pad Tech let’s you use they keybaord you type on to hammer out your beats
  • Or if you’re old school, draw them in w/the pencil tool, or click them in w/your mouse…
  • Editable drums, import new kits, remix and rearrange to customize your own on the fly
  • Almost NO load time on samples, even when using dubturbo remote version online
  • High quality .wav sampling and editing with tools to boot
  • Import your own instruments, your own drum sets, or .wav’s right onto the timeline
  • EASILY create bars and string them together into any arrangement on the fly
  • Easily switch between making a quick 16 bar loop, and a 256 bar full track
  • Learn about music production as a whole, and transition from DT to any gear

DubTurbo ScreenShots:
DubTurbo ScreenShots DubTurbo ScreenShots DubTurbo ScreenShots 3

Here’s Why I Love This Software:

1) Easy to Use – What I love about this software is that it is real simple to figure out, meaning that me being a beginner in making beats, I didn’t need to spend 1 year reading through manuals and mastering every single button on some big huge piece of equipment that would not fit in my house anyways. I was able to load it onto my Computer and start making sick beats in about 20 minutes.

2) Inexpensive – So, when I was looking for rap beat making programs, I knew I didn’t have $1000′s of dollars to invest. I had to find something that fit my budget, and was easy to use. I’m just an average working person that has a passion for making my own beats. I would like to be able to say that I will make it big one day and make millions, but I’m nowhere close to that yet. There are few to no rap beat making programs that can compete with the price of DubTurbo.

3) Quality Sounds – I understand when I wanted to find a program to make beats with I didn’t wanna get a program that made beats that were only fit for a cell phone. You know, the cell phone rings that come preloaded on your phone when you first get it? The rings that we all change when we first get the phone. Yeah I d rather not use a crappy program like that. DubTurbo makes it to where I can export my beats after I create them to 44.1 studio quality sounds. That just means it’s what the industry standard is.

4) All Beats are Customizable – Depending on the day or mood, I get to mix just about any type of beat that I want. I’m not kept to producing just one particular type of beat. If you are creative, you can take one of your favorite rappers (like I do) and remix their sound. Most rap beat making programs aren’t like that, from my experience. Such as, if I wanted to import a beat that has been in my head, and remake it, I can do that. DubTurbo has drum kits, a sequencer, and a full functioning keyboard. Most rap beat making programs do not have this type of diversity.

One of the best things to note is that by buying DubTurbo you get free access for life to new samples, drum kits, etc. for download through the website which are being added everyday to make this a more attractive program, especially when compared to its peers.

*The publishers also guarantee your satisfaction to the point of offering you the chance to get your money back IN FULL and still keep the program if you’re not satisfied within 60 days.

DubTurbo Coupon Code & DubTurbo Discount

To sweeten the deal, I was able to get a DubTurbo coupon code for all my visitors. Ultimately for the current price ($39.97) this is a good deal for anyone looking for a low cost and simplistic but professional sounding beat making software and best of all, you can get a special $10 discount on DubTurbo Coupon Code page, buy DubTurbo Only $29, helping you save 25%! I’m not sure when this discount offer will end, so use it while you can.

DubTurbo Compatibility:

DubTurbo works on any version of Windows including Windows XP, 2000, NT, Vista and Windows 7 but it also works on Mac. Dubturbo is available as an instant download over the Internet, so you can start using it immediately

DubTurbo – Consumer Feedback

I am a Beat Maker and Sound Engineer, and I can say that DubTurbo is great for beginners. If you want to get up and make beats as soon as possible, it is the best program for you. No it doesn’t have the capabilities of a $500 program, but why would it, it only costs $30. You get what you pay for, and with DubTurbo I think you get much more than you pay for. Also there is a money back guarantee, so there really isn’t any risk in giving it a try.

Actual Comments by Alex from Yahoo Answers

I must admit, fl studio is better. but because i’m not serious about beat making, DubTurbo was the clear choice: $30 vs $200 at a suprisingly good quality, it was definetly worth it.

Actual Comments by thegingerbreadninja from YouTube

DubTurbo Download

DubTurbo Review – Final words on DubTurbo

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    September 3, 2011 Update: Dubturbo 2.0 is around the corner, order today and get it free when it is released.

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